giovedì 9 ottobre 2008

Vol à la portière

Come altrimenti definire il Nobel per la letteratura al terzomondista Le Clézio? Chissà se prima o poi a Stoccolma si accorgeranno di Oriana Fallaci.

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Daniele ha detto...

purtroppo, mio caro, avrebbero dovuto accorgersi della Fallaci finchè era viva...comunque credo che sia andata meglio così...


§ 4.
A prize amount may be equally divided between two works, each of which is considered to merit a prize. If a work that is being rewarded has been produced by two or three persons, the prize shall be awarded to them jointly. In no case may a prize amount be divided between more than three persons.

Work produced by a person since deceased shall not be considered for an award. If, however, a prizewinner dies before he has received the prize, then the prize may be presented.

Each prize-awarding body shall be competent to decide whether the prize it is entitled to award may be conferred upon an institution or association.

Anonimo ha detto...

Oriana chi?